Keynote speakers 9th AM EPIZONE

Published on
June 1, 2015

Keynote lectures will be presented by Pablo R Murcia, “Impact of evolution and ecology on host species jumps” (2 September, opening session 13.15-1500), Linda Saif, "Elusive coronavirus vaccines: Maternal vaccination strategies for PEDV and lessons from TGEV" (2 September, opening session 13.15-1500) and Yi-Seok Joo - "Penside tests" (3 September, 9.00-9.45).

Pablo Murcia, UK, is a veterinary virologist who combines classical virology with molecular and evolutionary biology to understand the mechanisms that underpin viral emergence. He works at the University of Glasgow, Centre for Virus Research.

Linda Saif, USA, is a virologist/immunologist whose research focuses on enteric and respiratory viral infections of swine and cattle (coronaviruses, rotaviruses, caliciviruses), mucosal immunity and vaccines, and animal models of human disease. She is a Distinguished University Professor in the Food Animal Health Research Program and Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine of The Ohio State University, USA.

Yi-Seok Joo, Korea, is Director General of Animal Disease Control and Quarantine Department in QIA (Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency) and Delegate of OIE General Meeting, Korea. He has diverse experience for diagnosis and control of animal diseases.

For more information about all keynote speakers, and programme ESVV and EPIZONE, see keynote speakers; programme.