10th Annual Meeting, Spain 2016

September 26-29, EPIZONE had its 10th Annual Meeting in Madrid, Spain. More than 200 international guests participated in this meeting, which was hosted by CISA-INIA this time.

It turned out to be a very good meeting again: It was well-organised with more than 120 abstract presentations, 10 very good key-note lectures, an inspiring Young EPIZONE meeting, a sociable welcome drink and a delightful dinner in the casino. See programme and abstractbook.

The winner of the 10th AM poster prize, sponsored by INGENASA, is Tamara Jabbar, from Pirbright Institute (UK).

EPIZONE Coordinator Wim van der Poel: "We have experienced a very good scientific meeting and also a very fruitful meeting in an extremely good Spanish atmosphere! During and also right after the meeting a number of attendees have congratulated me with the meeting and I have not heard a single complaint. We thank all members of the team of CISA-INIA for the time and energy they put in organising this meeting and make it a great success again. Thanks also to all the members of the scientific committee, the organisers of the young EPIZONE meeting, the sponsors and all other contributors, and last but not least all attendees.”

Victor Briones, head of the local committees and Jovita Fernandez Pinero, local contact of the organising committee, expressed that the result of the meeting has been highly satisfactory for them also. The positive comments are appreciated very much and they are happy that they have been able to contribute to strengthening the EPIZONE research group.

We hope to meet you all again next year in Paris!

Photo’s 10th AM Madrid: here.