Abstract submission and registration online!

Published on
April 18, 2017

The abstract submission - and the registration tool for the 11th AM EPIZONE, 19-21 September 2017 in Paris, are online now.

Abstract submission

Topics to submit are:

Topic I: Arthropod-borne diseases (arboviruses)

Topic II: Threats at the European borders

Topic III: Current challenges inside Europe

Topic IV: special session animal influenza viruses 

Deadline abstract submission: 5th June 2017


The registration and payment guidelines and fees for the 11th AM and the registration Form can be found here. 

Deadline early bird registration: 7 July 2017


Upon submitting the online registration Form, each participant will receive a registration number by email. Please do not send any payments without the registration number and participant’s name included in payment details. Such payments cannot be identified.