Four times in a row: EPIZONE Good to Excellent

Published on
January 31, 2011

For the fourth time in a row EPIZONE received the highest score from our reviewers in Brussels.

Based on the 4thAnnual Report the reviewers gave their comments on how EPIZONE is running after 48 months. Some general remarks from the review report:

  • "The 4th Annual Meeting was well attended, by more than 300 participants many of which were external. This reflects the high quality and relevance of EPIZONE. The number of posters continues to be impressive. The quality was generally high and reflected an intensive effort within most fields."
  • Young Epizone "continues to be an attractive and well attended forum for young scientists and is a valuable asset."
  • "During the 4th year the overall activity of the EPIZONE project has continued to be impressive, scientifically coherent and well run. Progress has been noted in networking between scientific groups with clear signs of synergy."
  • "The generated research is of really excellent standard and has resulted in a multitude of new knowledge in the form of reagents, procedures, databases, monographs, scientific papers etc. etc."
  • "Use and Dissemination of Knowledge is on-going and continues to be reaching almost every important body and user within the field."