From the Coordinator

Published on
October 15, 2014

After the successful 8th EPIZONE annual meeting there is little time to sit back. The organisation of our next annual meeting always starts more than a year in advance and there are a number of other meetings in the field of epizootic diseases which are interesting for the EPIZONE institutes.

Moreover proposals for new international projects have to be drafted continuously. The EPIZONE administration office works hard to have the website up to date to provide all EPIZONE scientist with information of their interest. Please keep visiting our website and give us feedback about it so we can keep improving it and provide more and more easy to access information for you in the field of epizootic animal diseases control.

For the last quarter of 2014 I want to remind you about the opportunity of scientific missions for scientists within EPIZONE. This is a good time for the planning of a mission in the beginning of 2015. So please look into this possibility, go through the guidelines on our website and please bring this under the attention of the young scientists within your institute. Scientific missions are a very good instrument for networking for our young scientists and also for our network as a whole!

Already half October we have just over two more months in 2014. So towards the end of 2014 I hope all our institutes can finalize all this years research projects successfully and will be able to acquire plenty of new ones to start with in 2015!