From the EPIZONE Coordinator

Published on
June 25, 2015

We are already coming close to our 9th annual meeting in Montpellier together with the 2015 ESVV congress.

With the summer holiday period approaching rapidly, our hosting partner CIRAD is working hard together with theEPIZONE administration office and the Young EPIZONE group to have everything in place in time. This is hard work but as it looks at the moment everything is on track. A very good number of key-note speakers have been scheduled, abstracts have been reviewed and the draft programme has been completed. We really look forward to meeting everybody again during the annual meeting in Montpellier. 

Coming close to our 9th annual meeting we also work on finding a hosting partner for next year’s 10th annual meeting. I am in contact with at least two potential candidates but if there are partners who are interested in organising and hosting an annual meeting please let me know. Like other years we aim to announce the next host during the annual meeting again. 

Short Term Scientific Missions: As announced earlier and also on the EPIZONE website EPIZONE has allocated budget for Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs). Especially for Young scientists these STSMs can be very valuable. However, up till now very few applications have been received. Therefore a presentation about the scientific missions will be planned in Montpellier to inform our young scientists about the guidelines and the benefits of STSMs. This presentation will be scheduled in the Young Epizone meeting programme.

Wishing you a very good summer holiday and looking to meet you all in Montpellier in September!

Wim van der Poel

Epizone Coordinator