News from the coordinator

Published on
July 7, 2014

With the final payments of the EPIZONE NoE which have been made, and the printing of the final report the EPIZONE NoE has been closed completely now.

Colour print hard copies of the EPIZONE NoE final report are sent to all coordinating forum members. Additional copies can be requested from the EPIZONE administration office:

On the EU level we now look to the Horizon 2020 program. The EPIZONE management actively participates in discussions about the scientific content of this program and tries to involve EPIZONE partners in consortia for proposals wherever appropriate. EPIZONE also participates in the discussions about the research agenda of ERANETs including ANIWAH and FACCE. Presentations about EPIZONE activities are given at several scientific conferences including the Sfam/MedVetNet meeting in Brighton in the beginning of July.