Paolo Cordioli will be missed

Published on
September 15, 2014

Paolo Cordioli (58 years old) passed away on 4th August after a few months of illness.

He has taken a Veterinary Medicine degree at the University of Parma on 1981: on 1985 he got a fixed position at IZSLER, and he has been responsible for the Department of Virology of IZSLER for over 25 years (since 1987). Paolo was such a wonderful man and great scientist: most colleagues have known his kindness, his availability and his great scientific honesty.

The veterinary virology has missed an invaluable researcher: Paolo had a deep knowledge and expertise in the “classic” virology (so less and less common in young virologists) associated with an open mind and a scientific curiosity also towards the world of technological innovations, that bring him to be authors of almost 90  papers on peer-reviewed international papers.

We will miss him as a colleague and as a friend of many years of collaborative work and successful results.

Dr. Antonio Lavazza, IZSLER