Social Event 11th AM September 20th

Published on
September 12, 2017

Anses believe that a social evening would be much appreciated after a long day of productive effort. You are therefore invited to join us at La Géode for a « special ocean dive ». After freshing up in the ocean please look for the polar bear and join us for a cocktail diner (held at the same location).

La Géode was built in 1985. It is an architectural work of art besides being a very special movie and events theatre equipped with state-of-the art technical facilities. One of the most striking buildings in Paris, La Géode is a giant mirror ball 36 meters in diameter. La Géode is equivalent in height to a 12-store building. It is covered with 6,433 stainless steel triangels, each with sides 1,20 meters long, which reflect the surroundings environment.