Wageningen Bioveterinary Research, new name for Central Veterinary Institute (CVI)

Published on
September 12, 2016

Effective 6 September 2016, Central Veterinary Research (CVI) is named Wageningen Bioveterinary Research.

The new name reflects the ambition of the institute in Lelystad to continuously improve its portfolio for the biomedical and veterinary health markets. Wageningen Bioveterinary Research is committed to continue providing professional services to all its customers and stakeholders.

From a legal point of view, the structure of the organisation will remain unchanged. The registered name of the Stichting Dienst Landbouwkundig Onderzoek (DLO Foundation) will be changed into the foundation: Stichting Wageningen Research.

The Wageningen University & Research Institutes will take on the brand name “Wageningen University & Research”.

The new logo of Wageningen University & Research is now also the new logo for Wageningen Bioveterinary Research and all the other Research Institutes.