Young EPIZONE Meeting, 10th AM

Published on
September 12, 2016

This year, the meeting will be focused on “Networking & Promoting Research” which encompasses issues/topics such as searching for sources of funding, how to establish contacts between institutes and companies, presentation and dissemination of works and results, improvement of communication skills and so on.

Icebreaking game
YE meeting will start with a welcome talk and an icebreaking game, where all the participants will have the opportunity to meet people who work in similar fields of knowledge in other European institutes.

Workshop Dr. Andres Montero Aparicio
Later, Dr. Andres Montero Aparicio (for more information Dr. Andres Montero Aparicio, see the YE Newsletter), Head of the European Projects Office at the Spanish National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology (INIA), will lead a workshop entitled “Promoting research from the concept to the product” where we can learn how promote our research, enhancing the collaboration among different research groups (in many cases with a trans-disciplinary approach), and many other related aspects.  

Three lectures by experts
The other part of the session consists in three lectures given by experts with a wide experience in the issues comprised in this meeting. This year, we invited speakers from the private sector, the academy as well as a research institute.

Prof. Luis Enjuanes, Professor at National Center of Biotechnology, CNB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain.

Prof. Esperanza Gomez-Lucia, Professor in Animal Health, lecturer of Microbiology & Immunology in the Veterinary Faculty at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM), Spain.

Dr. Alicia Urniza, Director EU Biologicals, Veterinary Medicine R&D Global Biologics at Zoe-tis Manufacturing & Research, Spain.

(For more information about the speakers, see the YE Newsletter

Building and keeping a professional network
In an informal and interactive session, these speakers will tell us their experiences with building and keeping a professional network. A round table discussion with the three speakers at the end of their talks will give the opportunity to ask questions. We will have the chance to discuss and exchange ideas and experiences, having a dynamic and enjoyable session. 

See for the final programme here.