Keynote speakers


  • Prof. JOSÉ MANUEL SÁNCHEZ-VIZCAINO (Complutense University, Madrid, Spain)
    "One health: a personal view" - CV Dr Sánchez

Topic I: Animal health in a chaning world

    "International Research Consortium on Animal Health: Working Together to Address Global Challenges" - CV Dr. Morrow
  • Dr. JORDI FIGUEROLA (Estación Biológica de Doñana, Seville, Spain)
    "Transmission dynamics of zoonotic arboviruses with avian reservoir" - CV Dr Figuerola

Toppic II: Threats at the European borders

  • Prof. AYKUT OZKUL (Ankara University, Turkey)
    "Current status of PPR, LSD and AKA diseases in Turkey: Risk(s) for European Threat" - CV Prof. Ozkul
  • Dr. EMILIANA BROCCHI (IZSLER, Brescia, Italy)
    "Foot-and-mouth disease viruses on the move: changing epidemiological patterns" - CV Dr. Brocchi

Topic III: Current challenges inside Europe

  • Dr. ALBERTO LADDOMADA (IZSSA, Sardinia, Italy)
    "Animal disease control: which challenges in the next decades?" - CV Dr. Laddomada
  • Dr. MARISA ARIAS (INIA-CISA, Valdeolmos, Spain)
    "African swine fever virus: An approach of what we are facing” - CV Dr. Arias
  • Dr. ALESSIO LORUSSO (IZSAM, Teramo, Italy)
    "Bluetongue: a candidate for delisting... 'yet it moves' " - CV Dr. Lorusso
  • Dr.  KRIS DE CLERCQ (CODA-CERVA, Brussels, Belgium)
    "Lumpy skin disease virus: an old disease but a new challenge to Europe" - CV Dr. De Clerq