YE program 10th Annual Meeting 2016, Madrid

The Young EPIZONE meeting will be held September 27th 2016, 9.00h-17.00h, Madrid.

Draft program

09:00-09:30:      Registration for the YoungEpizone members.

09:30-10:00:      Welcome 

10:00-11:00:      Icebreaking game

11:00-11:30:      Coffee break in the same room.

11:30-13:00:      Workshop of "Promoting Research"

13:00-14:30:      Lunch in the Hotel restaurant

14:30-17:00:      Presentation of speakers

See for the whole programme of the Annual Meeting here.

Young EPIZONE meeting Madrid 

ALEJANDRO MARÍN LÓPEZ, CISA-INIA Spain, is the new chairman and host coordinator for the next Young EPIZONE meeting, which will be held in Madrid.

He starts in his third year as a PhD student at CISA-INIA (Spain), focusing on the development of recombinant multiserotype vaccines against Bluetongue virus. 

Apart of his job, he likes sports and outdoor activities such as trekking and rafting. Finally, he is looking forward to see you in September in Madrid, where we can enjoy a great meeting in a nice city. 

Contact: Chairman: Alejandro Marín López Phone: +34 91 620 23 00


YE TRAVEL GRANTS 10th Annual Meeting Madrid

A total of 5 travel grants (500 € each) are available for young scientists (<35 years) to come to the EPIZONE annual meeting. 

An application letter should be sent to the EPIZONE coordinator Wim van der Poel (

and must include the following information:

  • Name of the young scientist involved
  • Requested amount of money
  • Estimated costs of the travel
  • Ground for the application
  • Signature of the head of the institute.