Young EPIZONE aims to integrate young scientists into EPIZONE ERG. Young EPIZONE provides a platform for young scientists working on epizootic diseases, so they can discuss important issues with scientists from all over the world.

Young EPIZONE started as an idea from project manager Jitty Oosterga-Land. As a former teacher, she was always working on ways to connect education with work. She discovered that PhD and postdoc students sometimes have trouble integrating in a network with many profound scientists, and she wanted to change this.

Young EPIZONE officially began in April of 2008. The first meeting with a core group of young scientists was the basis for Young EPIZONE as it is today. As a new-born network group, humorously called EPI-babies, they discussed the need of young scientists in EPIZONE as well as how to organise such a network including the tools that could help them reach their goals. They started this website and organised the first Young EPIZONE meeting which was held during the second annual meeting in Brescia, Italy.

How become a Young EPIZONE member?

Are you a PhD student or a new post-doc (within five years of graduating from your PhD), or a beginning career scientist in the first 5 year ofyour career at an EPIZONE member institute and:

  • Would you like the opportunity to interact and network with senior scientists in addition to other students and post-docs from partner institutes worldwide?
  • Do you want to receive information on scientific meetings and events from EPIZONE?
  • Are you looking for a post-doc position?
  • Do you want to have access to vacancies at EPIZONE institutes around the world, from private companies and other research institutes?
  • Do you want the opportunity to apply for extra funding for EPIZONE meetings and specific Young EPIZONE meetings and training courses?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above questions then why not subscribe to Young EPIZONE? All young scientists from EPIZONE partner institutes can join us.
Please send an email to if you would like to be kept informed about Young EPIZONE and the annual meetings of EPIZONE. If you are interested to join the Young EPIZONE meeting this year in Novi Sad, send an email to Vladimir Gajdov: