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How to get to Novi Sad

By plane
Novi Sad does not have an airport, so the travel destination is Belgrade (the capital of Serbia) airport “Nikola Tesla”. Novi Sad is 90 km away from Belgrade and can be reached by train, bus or car. Belgrade airport building is under major construction at the moment so there are a lot of things changing considering the bus stops and the time for movement around and outside the airport. Please do have this in mind when organizing your time-table. Belgrade airport is 15 - 20 km away from Belgrade city and has to be reached by public transportation, taxi or car.

Belgrade Airport – Novi Sad – Belgrade Airport

By shuttle transfers (the most comfort way – highly recommended)
These shuttle transfers are organized by private companies and have to be reserved in advance:

This way of transportation is the most convenient one. To arrange it, please contact directly the transfer companies listed above. Usually they pick you up at the arrival part on the airport and drive you to your final destination (your Hotel or the meeting venue). The prices differs from company to company, but also do you travel alone or there are more than one person for transportation, as well as do you wish to travel with standard vehicle/car or you chose some premium variants with different type of limousines, and it could costs from 35 euros to 90 euros or more in one-way direction. However, the usual cost for the travel of one person alone could be up to 60 or 70 euros but if there 2 or 3 persons it is about 35 euros per person. You could also discuss all the details directly with the company you selected.

The airport is under reconstruction, and especially the arrivals area may seem very chaotic and disorganized. But you have no reason to worry, the companies you choose for transport will explain to you where they will pick you up, or how you will meet. Also, if you decide to use other modes of transport (bus, city taxi or train, which are listed below), feel free to pass the part that is under reconstruction as the road and signs guide you and when you get out into the open space in front of the arrivals, see how you signs direct or ask airport staff for directions. In addition, you can ask at the information desk in the arrivals section how to get to the A1 bus or other modes of transport.

By bus
There are some busses going from the airport to Novi Sad, but there is no fixed timetable, and they are not so frequent. Some busses go through Belgrade city so it takes longer to get to Novi Sad, but they are much more frequent (You can view a timetable here). There are two bus lines between the airport and Belgrade: A1 and 72. Bus A1 goes to the Slavija Square, approximately every 30 minutes (you can find the schedule here and a map of the line here). The price of the ticket for bus A1 is 300 dinars (around 2.5 Euros) and it can be bought on the bus. Bus A1 also stops at the Belgrade bus station where you can get on a bus to Novi Sad (timetable and ticket prices for the bus to Novi Sad can be found here). You can also get a taxi from the airport to the bus station in Belgrade. One of the safest way to get a taxi is install the “Pink Taxi” app (or similar taxi applications which can be found here (Android users) and here (iPhone users)) and order a taxi directly from the application (available for both Android and iPhone).

By train
There is a good connection from Belgrade to Novi Sad by train which takes about 40-55 minutes (depending on the train), but the transportation from the “Nikola Tesla” airport to the Belgrade train station “Prokop” i.e. “Beograd Centar”, or other train stations in Belgrade is a bit complicated, since there are not direct connections between the airport and the train station. The previously mentioned A1 bus stops near the train stop “Tosin Bunar” where you can get on a train to Novi Sad (although this is quite complicated because when you leave bus A1 near Tosin Bunar (at the bus stop “Fontana”), you need to cross the street and take bus 72 to get to the Tosin Bunar train stop - the map is below). The timetable of the train Tosin Bunar - Novi Sad is available here. The ride takes about 40-50 minutes (depending on the train). A train stops at “Tosin Bunar” station approximately every hour. The price for a one-way ticket is around 330 dinars (2.8 Euros). The ticket can be bought on the train. As stated before, bus 72 stops right next to the train station, you just need to climb the stairwell to the train stop itself (the price of the ticket for bus 72 is 90 dinars (0.8 Euros)).

Roadmap bus.png

The blue arrow indicates the bus stop “Fontana” where you leave the A1 bus. Then you cross the street as indicated on the map with the black line and you get to the bus stop “Fontana” on the other side of the street (indicated with the red arrow). Once there, you get on the bus 72 and ride to the Tosin Bunar train station (indicated with the green arrow).

You can also get the A1 bus to Slavija Square (last stop) and there get on bus 36 which takes you to the “Prokop” train station (which is recently the main train station in Belgrade), where you can get on a train to Novi Sad. The price of the bus ticket is 90 dinars (0.8 Euros). At the moment, the price of the one-way train ticket to Novi Sad is 400 dinars (3.4 Euros), but this will most probably change to 600 dinars (5.1 Euros) in the following months. Please see the map below.

Roadmap bus 2.jpg

The blue arrow indicates Slavija Square, which is the final stop of the A1 bus. From the Slavija Square you have to walk to the bus station “Trg Slavija – Bulevar Oslobodjenja” (indicated by the red arrow). There you get on bus 36 which takes you to “Prokop” i.e. “Beograd Centar” train station (indicated by the green arrow).

You can also get a taxi from the airport to the “Novi Beograd” train station (the price should be around 2000 dinars (17 Euros), which is much closer than going to the “Prokop” train station. All trains going to Novi Sad stop at “Novi Beograd” train station. You can buy train tickets at any train station at the counter, ticket machines and in the train itself (please be aware that there is a fast, direct train from Belgrade to Novi Sad for which you cannot buy tickets in the train, you have to buy them at the counter or the ticket machine, so make sure you ask the personnel before boarding the train). There is also an application for smartphones for Android and iPhone called “Srbija Voz”, where you can buy tickets for any train (including the fast train) and you can view timetables and train stops. The timetable for the train from the station “Novi Beograd” to Novi Sad (there is only one train station in Novi Sad) can be found here, and the timetable for the train going from “Prokop” i.e. “Beograd Centar” to Novi Sad can be found here. In general, you can find the train timetable at this website.

By Taxi
To reach the train station or any other destination in Belgrade you can also use taxi. As stated above, one of the safest way to get a taxi is install the “Pink Taxi” app (or similar taxi applications which can be found here (Android users) and here (iPhone users)) and order a taxi directly from the application (available for both Android and iPhone) to the train station “Novi Beograd” where you can catch the train to Novi Sad. The other possibility is to contact the taxi corner at the arrivals, before you leave the airport and arrange the taxi for the destination where you fish to go. You can pay your trip directly there with normal prices.

Taxi services waiting in front of the airport are not recommended by the host, unless you make a deal about the price with the driver before you start the ride. Otherwise, it can be a very expensive travel.

In some instances, you could pay your local transportation (tickets for train or buses) by credit or debit cards, but we recommend you change a lower amount of money directly on the exchange office on the arrivals part at the airport to have enough Serbian Dinnars (RSD) for local transportation.

Bus and train station in Novi Sad are at the same place and from there the meeting venue at “Master center” can be reached with bus No 11A or by taxi. By walk it is about 20-30 min (1.2 km) and the map how to reach the Conference Venue by walking is given at the web page of Venue description. Be sure to check if the taxi driver has reset the taximeter, the ride should be around 3-4 euro, not more. Generally, the taxi is not too expensive in Novi Sad and even many inhabitants often use this way of transportation. So, you can use it also for transportation to your hotel where you booked your accommodation.

The route of City Bus line 11A is below and:

City Bus Line 11A.jpg

Taxi services in Novi Sad

  • Crveni taxi – Red taxi - +38121 44 55 77; +38169 44 55 777; +38166 44 55 77; +38160 644 55 77; SMS +38169 52 51 600;;
  • ·Pan taxi - + 381-21-455-555; + 381 21 445-555; + 381 64 2155555;+ 381 65 2155555 + 381 69 2155555; + 381 63 5555 30
  • ·Taxi Maxi Novosadjani - +38163 322333; +38163 582022; +38165 5200500; +38162 383940sms & viber; 1-999-1 from phone or cell

By car
At the airport there are several Rent-a-car agencies where cars can be rented. If you are interested in this option, please contact the host to make the reservation in advance, it is required.

Other information
If you need any other or additional information or clarification, please contact the Organizing Secretariat